Tonight was the annual Labor Day potluck at Vacation Lane. It’s the whole bring your own meat and a dish to pass deal where dishes including cheesy potatoes, Kitty’s famous pineapple upside down cake, taco salad, baked beans, and lots of dessert. Occasionally someone might choose to be “healthy” and have fruit or veggies.

Since the ED started, potlucks have not been my friend. In the past year alone I’ve been forced to go to no less than ten. It’s been rough during previous ones. Mostly, I’ve followed Ed and tried to get away with as little food as possible. I never know quite what to expect and that really causes my anxiety to go up insanely.

So, as you could probably guess, I wasn’t looking forward to tonight’s potluck one bit. It’s all I could think of since I woke up this morning. I tried my best to make a plan since I could guess what might be there. Overall I handled it okay. I wouldn’t give myself tons of credit with being recovery oriented but I could have been worse too. To break it down for you:

Good (pro-recovery)
– brought down carrots so I had a veggie there
– planned ahead what I would get to try and get minimums
– ate about 90% of what I put on my plate

Bad (Ed voice)
– threw away steak and then lied to my parents about it
– didn’t eat enough grain
– freaked out and water loaded some before meal

I definitely have improved as far as being able to handle potlucks. Its still a huge struggle to fight Ed but I survived. I will have even more experience next time around. I will be able to fight more and have more victories. While today wasn’t a complete win for recovery it also wasn’t a loss to Ed. I am pretty happy with myself.


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