First therapy session

My intuition yesterday after J’s call wasn’t off! I really like her. She’s very upbeat and is willing to do things in a way that will help me most.

We had to go through long assessment for a good majority of the session. It was pretty boring for me since I’ve done the same thing countless times in the past month. At least it’s over now. During the assessment part she could tell when Ed thoughts were creeping in and she actually called it out quite a few times. I haven’t had a therapist be that in-tune to my thinking so I think that will be helpful.

We did get to actual talking towards the end. She asked me what I need from therapy and what things work/don’t. I’ve actually never been asked that so it was a pleasant surprise. I told her H’s style was really good (she worked with H and has has a similar style so yay!) and I liked the homework I got at PHP as well as support groups/lunch. Her homework for me this week is to write a letter to Ed. I am going to reread the one I did in PHP almost a month ago and rework it then show her both. She also offered having me bring lunch to sessions so we can talk through and have a mini support lunch. I think I may do that but next week I just want a real session with her first.

Overall I think she will be able to help and I am excited to work with her. It wasn’t too bad having to repeat everything to her, mostly because I told tons of people at FV the same thing. She seems to really want the best for me even if it doesn’t end up being her who helps. Also something I really liked is that this is a private practice but it’s also ran out of an old home so it feels way nicer to me and less like a doctors office.


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