Week Update

It’s been a pretty long week but I am feeling better. I’m not exactly sure why but I’m definitely happy about it. Good things that happened this week:
     – First high school and middle school youth groups went really well. I am loving that I am able yo do God’s work.
     – My meeting with Jenny went well. Her therapy style is amazing and I think she is great for me.
     – I ate lunch with Erin both days this week and it was fun talking to her about the future. I didn’t hesitate to finish my lunches 🙂
     – I figured out my top five transfer schools and major!!! I am going to major in nursing and possibly psychology too. Colleges I’m applying to are Wayne State University, University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, University of Pennsylvania, and Boston College. All of them are very good nursing schools and looking into them is so exciting! I actually have something to work towards and I feel positive!
     – My eating has been really good this week! I have been able to push through the thoughts for the most part. It feels easier now and I hope it keeps looking up. I want to leave Ed behind so I can live my life!


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