New day

I ate breakfast this morning. Sad to admit but it had more calories than the entirety of what I ate yesterday. I didn’t have enough but I did eat.

Today is a new day. I want to try today. Living like I have been lately is going to kill me. I still have hope that I won’t have to be like this forever.

I am going to eat something for lunch today. Something means not just some grapes and carrots but at least trying to hit all of the food groups. I know its going to be hell but I have to try.

I am also going to have dinner. It may be a salad with a bit of steak instead of a whole steak like my family but it is something. I barely eat meat at all for my protein and I’m going to today.

I don’t want to die. This words are huge. Following Ed is killing me both physically and mentally. I am sick of living with Ed. I can’t stand having to wake up everyday only to go through the same thing over and over. I want to be all God has planned and I’m not right now. I am barely able to function each day.

Whatever it takes, I am going to recover.


2 thoughts on “New day

  1. So proud of you for this! The days when recovery feels the hardest are when its most important to fight. You can do this, you can beat Ed and get past this, just keep fighting ❤


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