I’ve been dreading this conversation for a long time, but I finally talked to my parents about my career path and also a little on college choices.

A little background first. I am that student that gets A’s like it’s my job and always pushes herself more and more. For a long time I’ve wanted to go into medicine, mostly because it was just expected. Why would I ever do anything different since I’m so smart. For a long time I’ve been thinking, and I’m really starting to consider if medicine is even right for me. I honestly can’t picture myself being in such a sterile career. Also, it is a huge commitment timewise and I value being a mother someday so it would be difficult to do both.

I want more of a personal relationship with people in my career. I want to change lives in more ways than keeping someone from dying or curing cancer. I believe God has more in store for me than that. I’m not 100% sure what that other career would be. I’ve considered social work or psychology (and switched my major to it last year) and I honestly love it. I could see myself helping others who are going through some things I’ve experienced. I have this yearning to help girls with eating disorders especially. I’ve thought about working at an inpatient place for it even. This type of work is so what my heart wants. I’ve even begun to consider possibly becoming a dietician and while I’m not so sure how I like it, it does seem okay too.

The dilemma that I’m currently experiencing is my parents and others who want the prestigious type of work for me. My parents get mad any time I mention GBC because its “just” a bible college. They don’t want me anywhere that doesn’t meet their standards. Unfortunately this also extends to careers. My dad actually told me it would be a waste for me to become a dietician or something like a psychologist.

My worst fear is that I will make a choice as far as careers or schools go that will dissapoint my parents. Its not really that I want to impress them but that I so badly want them to be proud of me. I know that while they say its my life and my choice they won’t treat me the same if I went to GBC and became a social worker as if I went to Calvin and became a doctor. It really sucks because I don’t want to let them down or be stuck in a career I wouldn’t have chosen for myself.

I’m so confused right now with where I want to go and what career. I am spending time in prayer over it because I need the guidance. I know God has it planned out but I can’t see what that plan is yet. I want to be able to be used in a field that works best for me and go to the college that will grow me spiritually and in knowledge.

If I had to say right now and my parents and anyone else’s opinions were out of the picture, I 1000% would choose GBC. I’m definitely leaning more towards human services for a major but I also could go pre dietician or maybe something else. I have a whole lot more certainty with my school vs career.

I know that my parents would never understand their “genius” daughter going to a school that *gasp* isn’t super strong in academics. They wouldn’t get how I could serve God in any way that doesn’t look awesome on paper and involve a MD or PA after my name. I think I have to get to a point where I can realize these views will never change and that my opinion and my gifts are not dependent on other’s opinions before I can really choose my career and college. This isn’t going to be an easy next few months while all the decision making takes place.


4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Just got to do what YOU want to do. They may not like it, but after a while, they’ll adapt and everything will be fine. They don’t hate you.

    I was in a similar situation. I think it was expected that I would take over the family excavating business, but I decided against that. Everything’s fine now, though.

    Good luck!


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