Pows & Wows 12/23

Let’s all pretend I posted this Sunday because I completely forgot šŸ˜‰

ā€¢ Tweaked my ankle running on Friday but woke up Sunday in complete pain and it still hasn’t gotten better
ā€¢ Sunday was so awkward because I am weird oh man am I still embarrassed
ā€¢ Had some hard meals and days
ā€¢ my final grade in philosophy…

ā€¢ Get to go hang out with my ex boyfriend’s mother today (and this is still less awkward than the second point above!)
ā€¢ KINDER. I am obsessed.
ā€¢ I’ve gotten the good bottle caps multiple times this week
ā€¢ had so much fun making blessing bags and caroling with the church
ā€¢ I’ve had a lot of extra time to relax, write blog posts, and basically everything else
ā€¢ Olivia and I got each others packages and are opening them tonight!!!

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