So I am terrible with change. I hate it tons, even for things as simple as a haircut. It took me four months to finally get one inch off ha.

I was completely attached to my avatar photo. It’s from on of the best days at FV and I was so happy in it. The thing is, I don’t look quite like that anymore. I have gained weight. At that point I wasn’t anywhere near a healthy weight. I wanted to keep that picture as long as possible but I realized today that it’s like holding on to my disorder. I have changed and this is okay.

The picture I chose isn’t the most recent, but I am at a healthy weight there. It was the week after getting out of treatment. We went on our traditional end-of-summer vacation up north. I felt more at peace with myself and recovery than I had ever. It was an amazing time. It’s a different feeling than the other picture but that’s okay. I am different. I am better than I was. I am recovering.

Change can be good too.

DSC_0920 (3)


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