Pows & Wows 12/29

Only a day late this time woohoo!


  • Foot is still killing me which means no running and makes for a very anxious/moody me
  • Useless appt with Paul this morning
  • Way too many holiday/family/friend dinners the past week


  • I survived above dinners for the most part
  • Don’t have to see Paul for two months!
  • Christmas Eve service was beautiful
  • Christmas was mostly hard but also good because how can celebrating Jesus’s birth ever be bad
  • Rick&Kim and family are coming over Friday AND I plan on truly challenging myself with the meal
  • Officially less than six months until NTS Camp!!! (yes, I am starting my countdown way early)
  • I have time to decorate my room more this week
  • LILY GOT OUT OF TREATMENT TODAY! I am so proud of my little big sis šŸ™‚

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