Some thoughts and Pows & Wows 1/4

Combining some things so that way I don’t have to post twice

Friday was the best with Kim and Rick’s family over. I haven’t had so much fun and freedom from Ed that I can remember in the past few years. I ate both dinner and dessert and I didn’t worry about it. Afterwards, I just carried on without having to think of calories or anything else. It was so nice compared to the last time we had their family over. Basically I made a 180 in behavior since then. One of my favorite parts is that Kim typed her divorce and I (and her daughter) signed it. I think it’s super awesome that hers is one month after mine and that I was able to support her in it. I know God has so much in store for us in the future and Ed is not invited. She also shared a really cool idea for the year that we’ll do with the youth girls (more about this in a post soon!). The rest of the night involved pie, Milo, ping pong and using the robot, and DDR. I just love their family 🙂

In other news, I spent 90% of yesterday researching camera lenses. I’m excited to finally order one since I finally have enough money saved up. I’m thinking either a 35mm or 50mm Nikon that will work better in low light like at the church.

I am finally starting to feel better physically. I have much better concentration, energy, and mood than I have. I also can eat without having to take a ton of pepto. The one issue with the reflux/nausea is with water but I am trying to just wait it out. Not related at all but my foot is feeling a bit better so running wil be in the near future! I am trying to appreciate my body more because it does everything for me and I did nothing but hate on it and treat it badly. I want it to heal.


  • Dinner at our pastor friend’s house was hard
  • Still couldn’t run or even walk very well most of the week
  • Some days were very long and almost depressing (structure is better for me)


  • Got to see our old friends for dinner
  • It’s a new year!
  • One month divorce anniversary
  • Had an amazing time on Friday
  • Planned out some things for the girls
  • Getting a new lens soon
  • Realizing how much God has done for me
  • Redecorated my motivational wall

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