Pows & Wows 1/11/15


  • Learning yesterday that negative thoughts pour out at random times
  • Ankle still hurting = no running = stress
  • KILLER headache all day today
  • Professor saying “this class will be overwhelming and stressful the first few weeks or months”. Joys of micro?
  • Winter semester starts tomorrow 😦
  • Stress on top of stress. I’m already feeling it
  • I have zero plans for conquering food this semester other than possibly having lunch with Kim sometimes. Ahhhh


  • Last week of break was pretty peaceful
  • My new camera lens came (not that I’ll have any free time to use it ha)
  • I asked for more support/help and offered some too. So needed that
  • Livvy is going to treatment even though I’ll miss her she needs and deserves it
  • Today was an amazing start to the week with church, luncheon, froyo with the youth girls, laser tag, and a trip to the pet store!
  • This weekend is camp with youth girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if you can’t tell I’m so excited)
  • I love being a youth leader. I just really do
  • Church hugs. So many hugs 🙂
  • Recovery perk: not feeling like I have frostbite and freezing my butt off in the cold like I would if I was still sicker

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