Pows & Wows 1/22/15

Yep it definitely doesn’t matter that this is 4 days late!


  • School. I am beyond done with being at community and I just want the semester to end.
  • I can’t shake the thoughts that I am a burden, especially with my parents/family
  • Some things I learned about the girls was hard to hear but I am glad I can be there fro them
  • Stress is already piling up like crazy
  • Eating at camp didn’t go too great


  • Didn’t have A&P lab my first week, score!
  • Awana finally started again! I missed those kiddos!
  • Camp was the absolute best weekend I have ever had.
  • Long talks and jokes and friendship and spiritual growth and everything with my girls ❤
  • Since camp my conversations with the girls have made me cry daily. I have so many screenshots because those words and how much these girls love me and truly want/need me as their leader can turn any bad day around. I have a reason to be here.
  • Finished my first drawing in art and it isn’t completely terrible
  • Committed to Calvin last night!!! Finally gave in and followed the way God has been trying to lead me. (PS this is still a secret since I have a big announcement planned soon!)

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