Pows & Wows 2/1/15

Three cheers for doing this on time for once!


  • Weighing myself 10+ times a day again…
  • Refeeding issues (I so thought/hoped/prayed I was past this)
  • 2 tests in one day and one tomorrow


  • Funniest Wednesday night ever with inside jokes and everything
  • Got asked to interview for Honors Scholars and I’m going even though it’s pretty darn scary
  • Rick talked about how much I talk to the girls outside of church and how other leaders need to do it too
  • The girls were really sweet and begged me to stay for Sunday school, which I did of course!
  • Kim and I are doing a week without the scale and a scale smash sometime in the future
  • Survived the Super Bowl party wooo

Now heading to bed and seriously hoping my prof cancels class or the school closes


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