Pows & Wows 2/15/15

– Bad week ED-wise
– Realized just how much my hatred of change can cause havoc for me
– I’ve been super exhausted for no good reason
– 3 appts this past week = yuck!
– Cried for a good 30 mins after church today. I was overwhelmed with self-hatred and doubt

– Paul was proud of how well I’m doing compared to last summer
– Kim was sweet enough to come have lunch with me Thursday so I didn’t have to do it alone 🙂
– Late night tonight at the church! I miss the girls so much
– Got to go to Christian fellowship this week
– My mom and I are starting to buy things for college (only 6 months!!!)
– I’m glad I visited grandpa even though its hard
– My Honors Fellows interview is this week and I’m both terrified and excited


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