Pows & Wows 2/26/15 and a promise for more posts soon!

I’ve been CRAZY busy this week. Busy to the point of not being at home most days forever and having so much homework once I got home that I had no time for anything else. Thankfully today is the last day for school this week and then I have break and I will be posting all about NEDA week and some other updates and all that jazz. For now It’ll be a quick Pows&Wows before my next class!


  • Finding out I have a Vitamin D deficiency.. yay more pills!
  • Stress on top of stress (thank you busy week and school)
  • Constant headaches and exhaustion
  • Stayed up until 1 or 2 for my lab report draft last night… that I could have been okay not doing.
  • Gave up on my goal of cutting back on pop because that’s not happening in the near future


  • Therapy is really good and helpful. Not that it wasn’t before but more exceptionally so now
  • I am talking to one of my supports and friend from way back when the ED was starting and I was in recovery from self harm. She is the best and it’s like all the time we didn’t talk never even happened 🙂
  • The Honors Fellows weekend was great! I had a ton of fun exploring campus and meeting people there. I did pretty good with food and the interview went well. I’m hopeful I will get in and super excited/anxious to find out!
  • Kim and I had our book study on Sunday but more so ended up talking about our eating disorders and just realizing how much they’ve taken from us. I was able to help her and it made me realize how much we need each other, not just me needing her. We also made goals for NEDA week for each other which I will post later today!
  • Lunch with Kim and her daughter on Sunday because we didn’t want hot dogs and also heading to Meijer with them. I love them both and it’s always nice to spend time together.
  • We built cars for our Awana pinewood derby on Sunday as well and it was fun to get pictures and fellowship with my awesome church family. Also super pumped for decorating my car!
  • Youth group was good and pretty low-key. We ate dove chocolate and started gluing down some of them to hang in our rooms. I also talked a bit about NEDA week and we made post its to hang up at school.
  • NEDA WEEK!!! I have been waiting for this week ever since I started true recovery. I love love love spreading awareness and this year I’ve done a lot more with opening up. I am posting part of my story each day on FB and IG with my wear purple selfie. It’s hard to do and Ed hates it but I’ve already received positive feedback and support for helping others through my story. I will post those later today as well!
  • I got to visit my grandpa yesterday and he’s doing better which is a relief
  • I photographed my first wedding yesterday! Technically it wasn’t a “true” wedding since it was at the courthouse but it was a good way to try out my new lens and practice more with portraits.
  • I’m going to be helping Kim edit senior pictures she’s taken of her son and also take some myself when spring finally gets here! I am so beyond excited to do my first real photography gig!! Also I offered to do family photos for them. I hope to find more people who want pictures done over the summer too.
  • Rick trusts me enough to give me free reign and create the middle school talk last night. I spoke about healthy friendship and other than the boys being disruptive I think it worked!

Just realized how much that is but I suppose almost two weeks of stuff has to be, right?


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