Finals week craziness

My goodness has it been a CRAZY week! Finals and studying and church and work and Awana and a crazy art project. Here’s the jist of it, I definitely need to elaborate more on some later:

  • Finished up  both bio lab exams – one easy, the other not so much
  • Margie’s nephew still hasn’t called and I’m totally okay with this yup
  • Wrote a yoga paper in under an hour that was a complete joke
  • Got asked to use my paper on anorexia as an example from my psych prof
  • LESS THAN 2 MONTHS TIL NTS!!!! My girls are excited to have me come and I am so so so pumped
  • A scale smash is on the horizon
  • Unfollowed some accounts that weren’t doing any good in my recovery
  • Started work Tuesday and I absolutely love it. The people rock and its a great atmosphere with other Christians around 🙂
  • Planning a super secret surprise!
  • My last day of Early College is today! It’s so bittersweet but I’m extremely relieved to be done with this chapter of my life
  • Done with all exams except one for psych
  • This summer is going to involve so much time in God’s word and I am pumped and ready for it
  • Finally finished my annoying art project last night. We had to turn a box into a sculpture using xacto knives, glue, and whatever the box offered. Safe to say that neither hot glue or the sharp knives are my friend. I stabbed my finger pretty good and also have little burns all over my hands.
  • I haven’t looked at my grades since Monday because I was obsessing over them and it wasn’t a good thing. I’m going to pretend they don’t exist until after the final grades are in.
  • A Jenny quote from yesterday’s awesome therapy session: “You were facing hospitalization so making it through this semester at all is HUGE. I am amazed that you’re doing as well as you are.”
  • Yesterday was the last night of Awana 😦 I am going to miss those kids and seeing my favorite people in the middle of the week

That’s all for now. I have a ton I want to post about soon though!


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