Stuff and Things

Huge inside joke, but this is my store because of how often I use thingy, stuff, things, thingamabob, etc to describe things aha

Basically I don’t feel like making a post on anything specific and there’s way too many little things to talk about so here we are!

  • Olivia is the best. What other way could I start off a post?
  • I am finally excited for NTS thanks to a few of my lovely girls. We spoke about it Sunday and I can’t wait. I’m going to be a good leader and no matter what the food situation is and how terrible my ED wants to be I will make it through. Only two more weeks away which is complete crazy talk!!
  • I love my job. It’s the best place I could possibly work and all my coworkers rock. I am really thankful for everyone there.
  • My grandpa is moving into his own apartment this weekend. It’s been stressful and hard having him here. I love him but it’s time for him to go be on his own.
  • Graduation Sunday was this week which means that I actually graduated??? Still in disbelief that I’m moving to Calvin next fall.
  • Speaking of Calvin, less than 3 months to move-in day!!!
  • I am going to write a book. I’ve wanted to for year and I’m going to do it! Not sure whaat about or if it will be fiction or a memoir or what but it’s ging to happen so woohoo.
  • I am addicted to Law&Order: SVU. My grandpa watches it and I started Netflix last week. Binge watching as much as possible and its fabulous.
  • My eating has been all over the place. I have a day where I can’t manage anything and then others where I’ll have mini binge type episodes. Its not as bad as before so I guess that’s a positive.
  • 4/6 of my books I ordered have come in. I’ve started reading a few and they’re great. In particular, there’s an ED recovery book that’s in a christian perspective so naturally I ordered Kim one too. So excited to start it together.
  • I’ve fainted three times this week and nearly did countless more times. I’m not sure what’s going on really. Jenny wants me to go to the doctor but I’m kind of ignoring that. I know in my gut that its probably ED-related.
  • My abandonment issues are making their way into dreams. It’s both creepy and terrifying. No thank you brain!
  • Now that its nearly summer Michigan is warming up and I get to spend more time outside, yay!
  • I’ve felt terribly sick lately. Its IBS flaring yet again. I really don’t plan on seeing the doctor for it because all other medicine options react badly with my antidepressants.. so I really have no option other to deal with it. I’m praying that I can find relief at camp at least. I’ll be stocking up on pepto which helps the tiniest bit.
  • And ending on a positive note, I feel more hopeful now than I have in a long time. I think I have more resources available and hopefully some good support in the future. I have to work hard but I have just about everything I need to get there now.

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