Dear ex boyfriend,

You hurt me. You took advantage of me. You abused me. You made me believe I was nothing.

I was 14 when it all started, and even now, at almost 20, I’m still dealing with some of these things. None of it was okay, regardless of what you think. I didn’t deserve what you gave disguised as love.

Even with all you did, I am going to heal. I am fighting. I am strong. I am resilient.

Part of my healing is going to come from forgiving you. God has forgiven me for my sins and I am going to give you the same. I can’t hold on to all of this anger and pain anymore. So, although I don’t understand why any of this happened, I forgive you. I am not going to hold on to anything you did to me anymore.

I’m not angry or upset anymore. I am making peace with you in hopes that I can make peace with myself one day.



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