I turned 20 yesterday. I want this to be the start of a new me. I will cling to these hopes for my next year:

  1. Work  my ass off in recovery
  2. Begin to discover who I am, without any of my chains
  3. Develop meaningful relationships
  4. Let go and let God
  5. Be accountable for keeping myself healthy at school
  6. Show myself love, even when I can’t stand the thought of it
  7. Journal at least daily
  8. Spend time in God’s word/prayer/worship
  9. Allow myself to enjoy life
  10. Go out in nature more often
  11. Ask for help when I need it
  12. Learn deeply
  13. Actually use coping skills
  14. Grow closer to my mom
  15. Do yoga because I love it, not for exercise
  16. Fight back against perfectionism
  17. Practice resiliency
  18. Turn towards not away from God in the hard times
  19. Be a badass (thanks Sheri!)
  20. Procrastinate less

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