Residential so far

I’ve had access to my phone and thus this blog for nearly a week now but I haven’t been able to post. There’s so much going through my head. I never imagined I would be here. I didn’t think residential was possible. I was hopeless. I felt recovery would never happen.
CFD is the best thing that’s happened to me. I get teary just thinking about it. The staff, small size, homey feel, and basically all aspects of the programs are amazing. I’m so lucky.
I’m surprised at my own progress. I want to recover for ME. I’ve never come close to that before. I’m working my ass off. I’ve finished 100% of all meals and snacks. I challenge myself consistently. I’m working on the underlying causes of the ED. I’ve used new skills and been assertive. I want to recover desperately.
Significant successes so far: doing well on my first solo pass, getting through the weekend from hell, facing a zillion fear foods, writing my autobiography, putting my all into treatment, moving up a level, starting to change my view of exercise.
My time here hasn’t been without struggles and hardships but I know that I can do this. I am stronger and smarter than I think.


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