I’ve never been much of a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Why is it so necessary to decide on so many things you need to change about yourself in the new year when there isn’t anything wrong with you in the first place? So no, I won’t be committing to any resolutions this year. Instead, I am making positive goals and hopes for myself that I will work on from beginning to end.

  1. Practice self-compassion. 
  2. Make meaningful relationships.
  3. Continue on my recovery journey.
  4. Be courageous (more about this soon).
  5. Use all I’ve learned at CFD.
  6. Grow closer to God.
  7. Find a way to give back to others.
  8. Share my story.
  9. Reach out when I need it.
  10. Be perfectly imperfect.
  11. Work hard to heal my body.
  12. Begin transforming my view of exercise.
  13. Bounce back from the hard days by being resilient.
  14. Use my own inner strength.
  15. Don’t let anything stand in my way, including myself.
  16. Enjoy life to the fullest.

None of these things I can accomplish in a day or without any effort; however, I fully believe I can and will do this!


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