My friend Emily

She is beautiful, spunky, a little bit hotheaded, kind, caring, hilarious, sassy, and has the best smile. Oh, and she happens to have cancer.

I vividly remember the day she was diagnosed. It was mid December and I’d just gotten my phone back for the night. The first thing that popped up on my phone was a text from my mom: “Go read Emily’s status.” I did and immediately saw that she’d been diagnosed with leukemia.

At this point I had passed the “why me?” stage when it came to my eating disorder and other mental health issues, but the second I learned about her sickness I began asking why. How could someone so young and full of life end up with a disease that could possibly end her life?

We went to visit Emily the day after I got home. She was in the middle of her first round of chemo. I figured she may be bitter and feel pretty terrible but she was the opposite. Not once did she complain. She was her usual self. It makes a lot of sense, given her personality and zest for life.

We saw Emily just today at the gas station. She was rocking her scarf and looked so happy. She hugged my mom and I and told us about her babysitting in between trips to the hospital. She heads back the hospital tomorrow but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Emily is a fighter. She inspires me. Cancer had nothing on her. I am continually amazed by her drive to get better and grace in such a hard time. I’m not sure I could even handle it. Keep going Emily, I am always here cheering you on!!


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