TFHR 5/10/16

So my first TFHR or Thoughts, Feelings, Happenings, and Ramblings. I wanted to have post series where I can just write about what’s going on and how I am and whatever else is on my mind. This will be sporadic and random, but hey so is life 🙂

Holy shoot. I have two days left of classes, a long weekend home, and then exams Monday, Wednesday, and two Thursday. Then I am done(!!!). Whoa.


  • How the heck did my first year at Calvin go by so fast??? Well I guess taking half a semester to go to residential probably helped
  • I can do this!!!! This is part truth but mostly hoping at this point, because there is a ton to do.
  • I cannot wait to get back to work and see all of my favorites again!
  • Olive 24/7 is only 9 days away
  • I have to do ____ (insert studying, packing, exams, projects, etc)
  • About a billion other things I’m too lazy to write :p


  • Bittersweet. Its going to be hard leaving school and my new friends/life here, but I’m also really looking forward to being at home again.
  • STRESSED. Does this even need an explanation?
  • Excited. I get to see J, my home therapist in two weeks ❤
  • Sad. This also means I have just 2 appointments with S left until next fall 😦
  • Annoyed. Both times I was at the dining hall they didn’t have protein options for me to eat! For lunch I came back and had an early afternoon snack of a smoothie with greek yogurt. Dinner it was supposed to have mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey, but no turkey was left. I was so done that I just had an ensure back at my dorm.



  • Last Monday I was rock climbing with my friend for an entire hour, no problem. She left for a meeting and I stuck around and joined a group who was bouldering. Basically bouldering is climbing without a rope and the routes go maybe 20-25 ft up highest. I was on a bouldering route with my feet 10-15 ft off the ground, and then I slipped. On my fall down I hit my elbow super hard. Being me, I completely ignored the pain and kept on climbing for another half hour, untill the people I was with freaked out about how swollen my elbow was. I spent the next morning in two doctors offices and found out: a) I didn’t break it, b) it was probably dislocated the day before but popped back in while sleeping, and c) I bruised my bone (basically this means the outer layer of the bones is inflamed/cells are broken and it takes weeks longer to heal than your average bruise). So now I have been wearing a super annoying wrap and have been using my new ice pack and otc pain relief like there’s no tomorrow. Gotta love being injury-prone!


  • Sunday I went out to lunch with my dad! He was delivering my meds and decided to come for lunch since my brother and mom were at the Tigers game. We went out to Arnie’s and I had a chicken philly sandwich with fries. They also give you a free cupcake! I had it later that day and they never disappoint. I convinced him to go to my favorite exotic pet store and grab me a slurpee before dropping me back off too 🙂


  • I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the nature preserve the past week and I love it!
  • I went to the last Calvin Improv show of the year last Saturday and it was beyond amazing. They’re a very talented a hilarious group!
  • Random college craziness: a boys floor running outside and playing in the rain; huge dance party in the turnaround outside my window; Star Wars day themed dinners in the dining hall; watching Sid the tailless squirrel videos (he eats out of your hands and will come into the apartment over in upperclassmen housing); stories of campus safety being called when someone couldn’t find their bike in the bike room of their dorm, leading to campus safety finding their bike in said bike room; teaching two kids to play euchre; dorm cookout where 1/5 of my floor awkwardly sat in the middle of the cornhole field because they didn’t have near enough chairs; prayer tent with someone praying all/most of 24 hrs; people “mocking” everywhere, including triple bunks and 20ft up in a tree.


  • I heard “The Nights” by Avicii today and every. single. time. it comes on all I can think of is the dumb dance they made us learn (over and over and over) at freshman orientation. Since we’re the Knights the orientation team thoughts it was SO clever to use this song. Cheesy as can be but admittingly I may or may not start dancing to it when I’m alone.
  • I have gotten so terrible at procrastinating this semester but at the same time I feel like my best work gets done at past midnight the night before. Am I the only one? I always attempt to get at least part of it done (research, outline, etc) but every time it just ends up in the same scenario. Maybe next year I will learn to get to sleep before 2am but also maybe not because I kinda love it.

That’s all folks!

If you have any thoughts, feelings, happenings, or ramblings you’d like to share, I would love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “TFHR 5/10/16

    • Thank you! I’m hoping that it’s as painless as possible and then I’ll get a break. I work as a housekeeper at a Bible family camp/conference center. It’s right by my house and I love it 🙂 vacation wise we go to Ludington for 4th of July week


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