Ludington 2016!

*written yesterday and it wouldn’t post*

I’ve been MIA for a bit now because I’m up at Vacation Lane. We go home today since I work tomorrow morning (plus Olympic Trials!), so I decided to write about all of the fun things I’ve done. I’ll probably add in some pictures later once I get back to my laptop.

  • Took pictures of gorgeous sunsets every single night
  • Caught a bunch of fish. I named them all after people in the new testament. Meet John the Bass Fish (worked out perfectly, I know) 
  • Went tubing and killed it, as per usual. I stayed on for around five minutes and never fell off, even with huge waves, wind, and my dad doing everything he could for it to happen. 
  • Bought a hammock and spent tons of time in it 
  • Went shopping and purchased a sweatshirt and some super secret surprise gifts
  • Took some senior pictures for my brother. He wasn’t exactly willing, oh well
  • Found a toad who sat on my shoulder (and Abby’s) for a good ten minutes 
  • Spent time with the sweetest 12 year old. We played on the equipment that I grew up with  (see saw, merry-go-round, slide), talked a ton, sat in the hammock, watched sunsets, looked at the stars, etc
  • Watched the night sky two days in a row. I love how we can see everything since there’s not light like where I live. I saw at least 15 shooting stars
  • Studied God’s word, especially while mocking.
  • Bandaged my thumb a thousand times. Blech 
  • Took lots of photos but not as many in past years
  • Slurpees and Wesco popcorn
  • Became pro at making Jiffy Pop
  • Caught Pokémon bahaha
  • Boat rides with laughs, beautiful sights, frigging huge houses, and lots of waves

I was nervous going into vacation, but I really really needed it. Ludington/Vacation Lane is a magical place and always will be.


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