Giving Thanks – Nov 5

Today I am thankful for: REST.

This was the laziest Saturday I have had in months. Being free from work and able to just relax is not something I can take for granted. I am always go-go-go. I have class and homework and work and appointments and driving. Most of the time, I feel guilty if I’m not focused on these things. I didn’t worry about any of it today.

God spent 6 days creating everything that now exists. He molded the earth to His specifications. At the end of this came a rest period. God calls us to rest, just as he did. Remembering this to be true is key to my ability to slow down.

Thank you God for giving us a period of recharge. I need it. Sometimes the day calls for a Sims 4 addiction, TV show marathon, bible studying it up, cats on my lap, and staying in pajamas over half the day. All I’ve done is rest, enjoy, play. It has been wonderful.


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