Songs I am loving

I tend to get completely obsessed with certain songs and then play them at least twenty times once a day. I really love how many of the one I’m listening to now are really positive/recovery/encouraging (for the most part), so I thought I would share them here! I have plenty of random ones as well, ha.

Rise Up – Andra Day

  • This is my absolute favorite song right now. K from IOP always plays it and I love the way it sounds/the words and all of it basically.

Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Beauty from Pain – Superchick

  • So this one can be depressing in a way, but I think that the message of coming through something hard is still hopeful and very raw.

Be Kind to Yourself – Andrew Peterson

  • okay, kinda cheesy, but I really do like the message


Dear Friend – Stacie Orrico

  • I always imagine saying this to a friend ❤ (but should also realize I deserve the same)

Crushed and Created – Caitlyn Smith

Long-standing Demi Lovato faves

Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

  • Funny story I first heard this one at FV round 2 and we always sang it during art. Also I may have linked the 1 hr loop because I still listen to that one oops.


Elementary nostalgia (all songs on my 5th grade graduation video)

Grey’s Anatomy songs – these don’t have much meaning other than the fact that they come from the best TV show ever.




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