I wear my seatbelt.

I don’t always drive the speed limit, because the chance of a ticket for going 5 over doesn’t scare me much.

I drive the safest possible. I use my turn signal, drive slower when it’s raining or snowing, look both ways before going, watch vigilantly for what other drivers may do. It isn’t just my car that I’m protecting when I choose to drive this way.

I wear my seatbelt. I’m not concerned about the hefty ticket associated with not wearing one any more than I am about getting a speeding ticket. It isn’t done to ensure anyone else’s safety. It’s uncomfortable and annoying. I don’t particularly like to have a strap across my chest.

Why then, do I?

I wear my seatbelt because I choose to protect my own life every time I get into a car.

I may have lost you by now. Wearing (or not wearing) a seatbelt is a choice that we all make. For me, this is different than being a moody teenager who wanted to spite her parents by saying no.

I make the conscious choice to wear mine because I give myself value. It shows that I feel I am worth saving. I don’t deserve to be seriously injured in a car accident when I could have walked away fine.

Wearing my seatbelt means telling all of the nasty voices in my head to shut up. It is showing my younger self that she deserved to be protected too. It is an act of self-love and compassion.

This is a simple act I’ve been choosing to complete for the majority of my life. It feels different now compared to back then. I can now use this as a constant reminder and evidence that I care for myself and I am beyond worthy of my life.




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