Where have I been?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, so I’ll give a brief description of some things that have kept me from blogging lately:

  •  stuck in the ever-expanding workload of nursing school – projects, papers, care plans, clinicals, exams, classes, etc
  • treading water when it comes to recovery (will write more on this soon!)
  • increased depression = low motivation to do much of anything
  • perfectionism – I have a ton of half-written posts but I feel like none of them are good enough/I need to change the entire thing to make it decent enough to post
  • busy schedule with treatment and college stuff (on my one day off from class I am at group and therapy for around 4 hours)

I love blogging more than anything, and it’s sad to know that all of this is keeping me from it. I so badly need to start again. I don’t want to have sporadic posts and then nothing for weeks on end. I have just 3 weeks left of school which means I cannot promise producing a ton of posts during that time, but I definitely want to do more on break.

This is a promise that I’ll be back here more often. I want to continue with my goals of this blog – my personal journal, helping others hopefully, spreading awareness, etc.

See you again soon! 🙂