recovery milestones

*in progress*


  • attended first ED group and got something out of it
  • ate with other girls without comparing
  • tried lots of challenging foods
  • met with new dietitian and voiced my needs
  • reached out to mom
  • giving myself more room to be okay
  • honesty with my RA
  • survived many ED/diet comments during meals
  • got through a really emotionally draining field trip
  • spent random moments with friends
  • met with psych doctor and was transparent
  • did my best to keep variety in diet


  • first few days of class went well
  • met with my temporary therapist
  • beginning to accept my recovery for what it is
  • created my very own DBT corner
  • integrating healthy yoga in each day
  • survived my first week at college!
  • wrote letters to (nearly) all of the CFD staff
  • got through some really terrible body image days
  • started using diffuser for stress relief
  • found lots of internal motivation despite little support compared to CFD
  • ate meals and snacks no matter how little motivation I had
  • spontaneously using skills!!!


  • moved in to college
  • bought many DBT skills
  • spoke up for myself with roommate
  • exchange free day and hit all of them anyways
  • 100% of meal plan for the first week at home
  • ate popcorn at the movies
  • tried new foods
  • bought foods I can eat and will eat at college
  • first meal at school went well
  • dealt well with news about my dietitian leaving
  • made goals for the new year
  • adjusting to being out of residential
  • wore dress and felt pretty
  • went to the doctor to face my fears about my heart


  • lead health group and interpersonal effectiveness
  • baking my famous cookies!
  • dealt with plenty of hostility
  • recovery is for me and me alone
  • yoga is restorative, not for calories and weight loss
  • graduated from CFD
  • received so much support and positive feedback at goodbye group
  • finished wall work
  • baked and ate cupcakes twice
  • said goodbye to all of my favorite staff
  • got through Saturday night drama
  • assertive with L
  • spoke up for myself
  • took control o my own reactions
  • had an awesome last outing
  • packed for home
  • survived crazy day at the airport
  • session with Jenny
  • got through hard first two days of food
  • did well at the restaurant with family


  • beyond proud of myself for my decision to stay an extra week
  • given the opportunity to have so much more leadership and responsibilities
  • rocked the food court challenge and chose a hard meal
  • lead DBT group at the last minute
  • dealing with parents in a good way
  • four weeks of actively fighting
  • did well at restaurant and chose in the moment
  • began flushing my own toilet
  • talked through major fear instead of just freaking out
  • supported peers and handled the morning from hell
  • took care of the other girls and myself
  • assertive and didn’t accept L’s BS
  • got through outing
  • deleted fitness app
  • continued functioning and eating despite number one phobia coming at me all the time
  • using skills hardcore
  • being silly with A&R


  • finished the dang donut
  • did well at Souplantation
  • enjoyed and did well at Panera
  • encouraged L
  • worked on time line
  • survived outing at The Highlands
  • got through Sunday and finished meals
  • made the best decision for ME
  • 100% meals/snacks
  • authenticity and vulnerability
  • lead group
  • supported others
  • asserted needs
  • participated in groups
  • worked on timeline
  • many challenge meals
  • took leadership role
  • not giving up
  • accepting health problems
  • learning to put myself first
  • handled the stressful 36 hrs


  • did well on snack outing
  • ate salad without being too triggered!
  • lasagna
  • started timeline/wall work
  • check-ins often
  • did well on meal prep
  • boundaries
  • assertiveness in groups
  • engaging/helping peers
  • challenge lunch from TJ’s
  • no behaviors
  • 100% meals/snacks
  • started heart meds even if scary
  • better group participation
  • accepted small-no change as progress


  • challenging meals
  • followed meal plan 100%
  • new outlook on exercise
  • opening up to others and staff
  • got through frustrations
  • assertiveness FTW!
  • did all assignments
  • crazy amazing amount of change
  • helped out others
  • more open to change
  • laughter and enjoyment
  • authenticity
  • toe is better
  • read autobiography to group and C
  • found some coping skills
  • contract is not my worth

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