Perfectionism and blogging

I haven’t posted in a little over the week, but this isn’t due to a lack of ideas, time, or motivation. I have actually started 6 posts. Some of them I’ve gotten pretty much complete while others are mostly a list of points/some sentences I want to cover. I’ve spent more time editing and thinking over these than it would have taken to write at least 2 posts. If it isn’t something like writer’s block or time or anything else, why can’t I do this? The answer is perfectionism.

I am obsessive (or at least try to be) and check over each and every paragraph, sentence, and word I write. If it doesn’t flow the right way or seems to repeat too many words or sentence style, I give up. I scrap that version of the draft and attempt to do something different.

The worst thing (I believe) is when I write out basically an entire blog post (typically at work, in class, etc. and whenever I have downtime and paper) and then feel the need o restructure and reword the entire darn thing. This is exactly why I have at least 45 drafts at all times.

This isn’t really an update and it doesn’t have a ton of substance or length. I just want to remind myself (and any of you who might struggle with this too) that blogging isn’t perfect. There will be some jumbled thoughts, grammar errors, times you didn’t really get to all you wanted to say. Chances are, no one is reading a blog for how everything flows and using correct sentence structure.

I love blogging and that’s not the problem. I would write and write all day long if I could. If I want to continue writing, though, I need to make a change. I cannot keep blocking myself from talking about what interests me. Here’s to less overthinking and more genuine imperfect posts!