Nature preserve photos

I’ve gone twice this week to Calvin’s nature preserve, which is just across on the east side of campus. Its been a huge stress reliever and I absolutely love it. There are so many beautiful things to photograph and here are some of my (unedited) favorites 🙂

The teeny white poof at the bottom of the crevice/V is an owlet
mom/dad owl



Vacation (Ed’s Not Allowed)


We just arrived at my favorite place in the world, a little lane with 16 cabins, a beach on Hamlin lake, and the most lovely people around. My family stays here two weeks a summer and we have been for 14 years. I am looking forward to relaxing for a few days and not letting Ed in. My best defense against him this week is to use my favorite coping skill and take as many pictures as possible. I just got my DSLR a month ago so I’m excited to take tons of pictures up here. Here’s to an amazing long weekend of relaxation, fun, and no Ed thoughts.