Some thoughts and Pows & Wows 1/4

Combining some things so that way I don’t have to post twice

Friday was the best with Kim and Rick’s family over. I haven’t had so much fun and freedom from Ed that I can remember in the past few years. I ate both dinner and dessert and I didn’t worry about it. Afterwards, I just carried on without having to think of calories or anything else. It was so nice compared to the last time we had their family over. Basically I made a 180 in behavior since then. One of my favorite parts is that Kim typed her divorce and I (and her daughter) signed it. I think it’s super awesome that hers is one month after mine and that I was able to support her in it. I know God has so much in store for us in the future and Ed is not invited. She also shared a really cool idea for the year that we’ll do with the youth girls (more about this in a post soon!). The rest of the night involved pie, Milo, ping pong and using the robot, and DDR. I just love their family 🙂

In other news, I spent 90% of yesterday researching camera lenses. I’m excited to finally order one since I finally have enough money saved up. I’m thinking either a 35mm or 50mm Nikon that will work better in low light like at the church.

I am finally starting to feel better physically. I have much better concentration, energy, and mood than I have. I also can eat without having to take a ton of pepto. The one issue with the reflux/nausea is with water but I am trying to just wait it out. Not related at all but my foot is feeling a bit better so running wil be in the near future! I am trying to appreciate my body more because it does everything for me and I did nothing but hate on it and treat it badly. I want it to heal.


  • Dinner at our pastor friend’s house was hard
  • Still couldn’t run or even walk very well most of the week
  • Some days were very long and almost depressing (structure is better for me)


  • Got to see our old friends for dinner
  • It’s a new year!
  • One month divorce anniversary
  • Had an amazing time on Friday
  • Planned out some things for the girls
  • Getting a new lens soon
  • Realizing how much God has done for me
  • Redecorated my motivational wall

Pows & Wows 12/29

Only a day late this time woohoo!


  • Foot is still killing me which means no running and makes for a very anxious/moody me
  • Useless appt with Paul this morning
  • Way too many holiday/family/friend dinners the past week


  • I survived above dinners for the most part
  • Don’t have to see Paul for two months!
  • Christmas Eve service was beautiful
  • Christmas was mostly hard but also good because how can celebrating Jesus’s birth ever be bad
  • Rick&Kim and family are coming over Friday AND I plan on truly challenging myself with the meal
  • Officially less than six months until NTS Camp!!! (yes, I am starting my countdown way early)
  • I have time to decorate my room more this week
  • LILY GOT OUT OF TREATMENT TODAY! I am so proud of my little big sis 🙂

Pows & Wows 12/23

Let’s all pretend I posted this Sunday because I completely forgot 😉

• Tweaked my ankle running on Friday but woke up Sunday in complete pain and it still hasn’t gotten better
• Sunday was so awkward because I am weird oh man am I still embarrassed
• Had some hard meals and days
• my final grade in philosophy…

• Get to go hang out with my ex boyfriend’s mother today (and this is still less awkward than the second point above!)
• KINDER. I am obsessed.
• I’ve gotten the good bottle caps multiple times this week
• had so much fun making blessing bags and caroling with the church
• I’ve had a lot of extra time to relax, write blog posts, and basically everything else
• Olivia and I got each others packages and are opening them tonight!!!

Pows & Wows 12/14

I’ve wanted to start doing this on the blog for a while, and since it’ Sunday and I have about an hour before the party I figured this is a good time to start. I learned about this at FV (thanks Hannah!) and I’v done it with the girls too as an ice breaker. “Pows” are bad things that happened during the week and “wows” are any positives. So for this week:


  • Feeling like I’m going to throw up, especially drinking water
  • Thursday night. It was hard and Ed won some battles. I also ran on the treadmill and then sat there wishing i would just die as my heartbeat raced and i passed out
  • Final exams = STRESS
  • My philosophy prof won’t submit grades and it’s driving me crazy
  • Sleeping is not happening


  • I am done with school!!!! Well, at least for a month
  • I survived the semester without ending up in the hospital because of Ed like I was so sure I would
  • Picking out things for the girls and starting to shop for Livvy makes me so happy
  • We have our youth group Christmas party tonight!

Well, that’s all for now, off to the party!