Transformation Tuesday / Then vs. Now

This post will be divided into two parts. First will be my own version of Transformation Tuesday and the second my therapy homework in a Then vs Now assignment.

Left: end of June 2014 Right: Christmas Eve 2014

This is the first time I’ve put together pictures of me at my sickest in Disney last summer (although this is still above my lowest) and a picture from when I fully committed to recovery. There’s a huge physical difference obviously but there’s so much more than just weight between the two pictures. On the left I have huge dark circles under my eyes. My hips, sternum, ribs, collarbones, and just about everything that is usually covered by fat/skin wasn’t. That smile is so fake. I couldn’t get over how fat I thought I was. I was freezing even though it was 95 degrees. My eating was terrible. I isolated from most everyone. I spent hours each day crying over food and weight. My anxiety and depression were insane. I passed out or fell over nearly every day. I was miserable and I was dying.

I am not the girl on the left anymore and I thank God for that. I have gained weight and it’s hard to accept; however, I’ve gained so much life that it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I am learning to love myself and my new body. I am fighting Ed each day instead of embracing him. I smile and laugh and live joyfully. I push through my meals and fight any urges. I am being transformed each day. I think I actually love the girl I’m becoming.

Then: pre-divorce


  • no refeeding symptoms (probably because of false recovery)
  • no energy from lack of food
  • felt light headed, weak, low concentration, etc


  • moods pretty low
  • never truly happy
  • gave up whenever it got tough

Social Events

  • church dinners = absolutely freak out and could barely survive
  • distracted, tired, dead at Awana
  • never would recommend going to froyo/food for YG outing
  • Dinner with Pilieci’s included skipping out on a lot of food, anxiety, panic, need to exercise

ED Thoughts/Behaviors

  • always thinking of food, calories, etc
  • lied to parents/Kim/whoever all the time about what I ate
  • skipped meals all the time
  • exercised all the time
  • calories counting without trying
  • weighed myself constantly


  • barely reaching out
  • felt insanely disgusted with myself
  • hated hated hated my body
  • not committed to recovery
  • hopeless about ever being recovered


  • school: maybe 60% with Erin, 0-40% without
  • home:
    • breakfast: throw out most of yogurt; not enough dairy, protein, grain
    • lunch: 60% of meal tops
    • dinner: 60% of meal tops
    • overall: not enough protein, dairy, or grains; no snacks


  • very, very limited food choices
  • fear foods = mashed potatoes, roast, potatoes in general, milk and most dairy, cheese, anything greasy, bananas, rice, white bread, meat in general, etc
  • felt unimportant/far away from God
  • no trust whatsoever with parents

Now: post-divorce


  • refeeding can be hard at times
  • not great energy on bad days but much better on good ones
  • not ever very dizzy, able to do things and not pass out


  • better moods, occasional depressive/anxiety thoughts
  • experience true JOY
  • try to push through the hard days

Social Events

  • church dinners hard, not impossible
  • excited for Awana to start again and feeling more confident
  • recommended and looking forward to having froyo on our girl’s day
  • Pilieci’s over = fun, fellowship, eating enough, NO ED ISSUES

Ed Thoughts/Behaviors

  • Ed thoughts are still there but I have moments/days without
  • for the most part eating a good amount = no need to lie
  • do pretty well and at least attempt meals
  • less exercise (partially due to foot injury)
  • no calorie talk/thoughts
  • haven’t weighed myself in a long time


  • learning to use support on bad days
  • proud of how far I have come
  • still don’t like body but more okay with it most of the time
  • committed to recovery
  • hopeful that i can recover one day


  • school: plan on trying each meal and using supports if needed
    • ie TEXT KIM
  • home:
    • about 80% of each meal
    • slightly lacking in protein and grain, dairy still hardest


  • slightly more food options
  • same fear foods but have eaten a few
  • relationship with God strengthening each day
  • mom and dad trust me more

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