Mid week update

Holy wow this week has been busy, busy, busy.

The first week of classes is nearly over. My classes are all decent. Honestly I just want to be done with community college so I could care less how fast these next few months go in that regard.

There are some things I am looking forward to. I cannot wait until Friday and at the same time am I bit terrified. We’re going to a mini camp for the weekend with ten youth kids and it’s going to be great. I look forward to get closer to my girls and help them and myself grow in our faith. I am scared as well though because, you guessed it, food. Ed is trying his best to gain control of that but I so badly want to do well. I can’t be a bad example to my girls or any of the other youth there. I am going to try my best and get as much support as possible while there.

I also am excited for youth group and Awana to get started again. I love volunteering at the church and helping these kids and teens grow. It’s so good for me too. Nights spent at the church are some of the best of my week.

Well, better get going, I have some homework to do and then church!


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