I may want to run away. I will stay. I can use my skills. 
I may cry. I will accept it. I can let my emotions come without judgment. 

I may struggle (a ton). I will use this as an opportunity to learn. I can give myself grace. 

I may not finish. I will celebrate each bite. I can ask for help. 

I may need a supplement. I will drink it. I can remind myself it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. 

I may panic and need a break. I will check in with my needs. I can take a few moments to just breathe. 

I may freak the F out. I will try to stay grounded. I can use mindfulness. 
I may not do well. I will put in my best effort with where I am today. I can stop it from becoming a pattern. 

I may feel like a failure. I will focus on the positives. I can be kind to myself no matter what.  

I may be stuck in my head. I will work to stay present. I can use conversation to pull myself out. 

I may have overbearing Ed thoughts. I will try my hardest to fight them. I can reframe thoughts out loud to K.

I may want to give up. I will accept the challenge. I can give it my all. 

This is not meant to be easy. I am having lunch with K because I’m not ready to do it with IOP group yet. No matter the outcome, it is still progress in my recovery. I don’t have to be perfect, even though I’ve always felt supplementing or not finishing means I am a failure. My goal is to work towards being able to eat with the girls in a week. I know K is one of the best people to support me in getting there. This is a positive step. I will get to my goal if I trust the process and do what I can. 


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