I take psychiatric medication and that’s okay

I remember back to the first time I ever went on psychiatric medication. It was shortly after starting therapy. I was at my yearly pediatrician’s appointment and it ended up being really awkward with some different mental health concerns, but in the end he prescribed an antidepressant. I felt very judged by him and that automatically went to shame. If I had to take this medication that even my doctor felt wary of, was I just defective?

Over the years , I’ve grown to be wary of telling anyone I’m on medication. The stigma of being “crazy” or abnormal because you take these drugs is pretty strong. Doctors are especially hard to tell, given my first experience. I would never even share this information with those who are well aware of my mental health struggles. That made me feel more alone and increased the negative belief I had about myself for needing this treatment.

I’m no longer afraid to admit that I take medication for my mental illnesses. In fact, I wanted to write this post because a change in my prescription (and a new psychiatrist) has greatly impacted my life. I have a ton more energy, less “blah” feeling, better mood, and I just feel lighter. My parents can tell a huge difference. Obviously the medication alone doesn’t get rid of my symptoms, but it has lowered the amount of distorted thinking significantly. I’m at a better functioning baseline level. As a whole, the various drugs I’m on have impacted me by significantly reducing sleeping problems, basically removing suicidal thoughts, lowering anxiety, preventing the lowest of lows, and generally making my thinking and functioning better. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to fix my brain chemistry in this way.

It’s okay to take psychiatric medication. Someone with lupus wouldn’t want to avoid autoimmune drugs for any reason. Anything that helps reduce suffering is worth it. You are not alone in this. If you are considering trying out this form of therapy, I want to reiterate how much of a change they can make.

1 in 6 adults are on some form of psychiatric medications. We need to end the stigma that surrounds taking these sometimes life-saving drugs. They do not fix a flaw in character, just the biological brain chemistry imbalances. Everyone should be given support and respect for the brave choice to put their health first in this way.


5 thoughts on “I take psychiatric medication and that’s okay

  1. It really bothers me that there’s stigma around taking psychiatric medications. I think it doesn’t help that there are some people living with mental illness who are militantly and vocally anti-medication. I get that some people have negative experiences and medication may not be a good choice for them, but there must be a way to frame that with feeding into the stigma faced by those of us that do need medication to manage their illness.


    • Oh absolutely it doesn’t. I think it’s good to hear from both sides, but also that pushing your views in a way may make it hard for others to get help they need. I have also seen this before in ED treatment where a girl I knew bragged about not needing any treatment which made myself and a few friends upset. I definitely agree there’s a better way to do it somehow

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  2. I love this post so much. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that my mental health is situational but also a collection of chemical disorder, and if I need medication to fix that, that’s okay. That’s what helps me function normally! Thank you for this post!


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