Pows & Wows 12/14

I’ve wanted to start doing this on the blog for a while, and since it’ Sunday and I have about an hour before the party I figured this is a good time to start. I learned about this at FV (thanks Hannah!) and I’v done it with the girls too as an ice breaker. “Pows” are bad things that happened during the week and “wows” are any positives. So for this week:


  • Feeling like I’m going to throw up, especially drinking water
  • Thursday night. It was hard and Ed won some battles. I also ran on the treadmill and then sat there wishing i would just die as my heartbeat raced and i passed out
  • Final exams = STRESS
  • My philosophy prof won’t submit grades and it’s driving me crazy
  • Sleeping is not happening


  • I am done with school!!!! Well, at least for a month
  • I survived the semester without ending up in the hospital because of Ed like I was so sure I would
  • Picking out things for the girls and starting to shop for Livvy makes me so happy
  • We have our youth group Christmas party tonight!

Well, that’s all for now, off to the party!


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